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The MCX11 UHF Wireless Microphone is the ultimate upgrade for anyone looking to take their sound to the next level. With USB-C recharging and the ability to switch between 50 different channels, this microphone is designed to provide crystal-clear audio from long ranges. Its anti-interference technology and DSP ensure that your sound remains clear and interference-free, while the all-metal construction guarantees durability and longevity. Perfect for performers, public speakers, and anyone who demands the best in sound quality, the MCX11 is the ultimate wireless microphone for all your audio needs.


  • USB-C Rechargeable Microphone and Receiver
  • UHF Frequency can be used from long ranges
  • Can switch between 50 different channels
  • Anti-Interference Technology and DSP
  • All metal construction
  • Dimensions

Unit Dimensions (in): 9.5 x 2 x 2
Unit Weight (lbs): 0.7

Dolphin MCX11 UHF Wireless Microphone - USB-C Rechargeable, 50 Channels

Color: Black
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